Business Advisory

In todays dynamic business environment the rewards and consequences of the decisions we make have never been more critical. Whether making a key business decision or a personal decision it is vital to gain insight and perspective to ensure desired outcomes.

At EV3 Solutions, our unique experience of sitting in the chair of the clients we serve allows us to better understand the issues you face and see what others can’t. We help you look around the corner at an organizational and/or individual leadership level in all areas of the business ranging from strategy, marketing, sales, operations, finance, people and culture development

Individual Leadership Advisory: This is an enhanced one on one executive coaching relationship with an advisor deep in experience with similar roles and career background. Whether developing a personal plan of success or bouncing off strategy and ideas you have the confidence that the advice is steeped in the experience of someone whose been there and has your interest at heart.

Corporate Business Advisory: We focus on the needs of the senior leadership team. Whether it is strategy, M&A, executive development or culture we align ourselves with the key priorities of the leadership team to develop the strategies and models of execution to achieve the desired outcomes.

Investor and Board Advisory: This often involves a project or important initiative that benefits from a different perspective to assess or define the possibilities, as well as, an experienced eye on how to execute successfully. We are seasoned strategist with the direct experience of balancing and understanding the capabilities of the organization allowing us to provide credible guidance to decision making.

Case Study

PE firm


Evaluating the US healthcare products and services market for entry


We built a business thesis outlining considerations and strategic options


The client made a major acquisition in the Alternate Care Market

Global Sourcing Company


Impacted by fast growth, need for strategy in a changing market


EV3 provided a leadership assessments, strategy development and a market plan.


Client entered a new market which has has become the growth engine for the company