Purpose Driven Strategy

The world around us is changing fast accelerating the need to innovate. However, strategic planning itself has changed little since its military roots of over 50 years ago.   Think about it, companies use the same process as their competition, tap into the same sources of intelligence, and are perplexed as to why they can’t differentiate themselves from the market. Our approach is different for the sake of being better. Through our Purpose Driven Strategy, the power of vision , strategy and execution is exponential when they are integrated. We bring unconventional insight to hard code these elements into an organization unleashing the full potential of your business. Organizations driven by purpose inspire their people to achieve desired results and build momentum through engagement.

Purpose driven strategies, are at their core, leadership driven, organizationally inspiring, building momentum through execution. The strategy feeds the culture and the culture feeds the execution of the strategy.  

The Process


• Mission

• Vision

• Values


• External Insights

• Internal Insights

• Scenario Planning

• Competitive Analysis

• S.L.O.T. Analysis


• Key Tenants

• Critical Goal Creation

• Initiative Development


• Operating Plan

• Market and Sales Plan

• Resource Alignment

• Assessment

• Adjustment

• Celebration


• Organization Commitment

• Deep employee engagement

• Performance Culture

• Increased Market Share

• Improved Shareholder Return

• Stronger Customer Loyalty

• Sustainable market leadership

• Bottom-line Performance